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Luxury accommodation for pets in Port Elizabeth


Services offered by Inn Good Hands

Collection & Delivery Service

A collection and delivery service is offered for customer convenience.
However, we encourage new clients to come and view the facilities.

Specialities in Quality Cat Care

The fully enclosed cattery boasts a central garden with all of the cat units looking out onto this garden.

Beautifully coloured wendy houses, each furnished with novilon, curtains and cushions, provide shelter for the cats from the rain and the wind, whilst each house is also equipped with a sun deck for those lazy summer days.
Emphasis is very much on the natural outdoors, with each unit having its own patch of lawn.

All cats, in their shared capacity, are taken out into the central garden of the cattery for playtime every day.

And the fines for man's best friend

The exceptionally spacious kennels, designed to receive maximum benefit from the sun, have an internal sleeping area which provides complete shelter from the rain and wind.
Management are specialist in assessing dogs and their temperaments, and believe whole heartily in companion sharing.

This lessens any apprehension your dog might feel at being left in a strange environment. we have found that this settles the quickly and gives them more confidence.

Each unit has an internal wall ensuring that stress for the dogs is kept to a minimum.

Heated Kennels

Several of the kennels are heated and have internal lighting, and in tune with the rest of the complex, all look out onto lawn and shrubs.

Daily Exercise

All dogs are exercised daily, either on lead or left to have a free run in our fully enclosed exercise areas.

Daily cleaning and disinfecting of the kennels is carried out whilst your pets are being exercised. This helps to reduce stress.

All pets are bathed, brushed and groomed, and every effort is made to return them in immaculate condition.


Strict attention is paid to diet, both for the cats and the dogs.
Specially formulated chunks are imported and are used as a base for all meals, whilst chicken, fish or tripe is added to encourage eating.

Special diets are catered for in the case of elderly animals, or for those recently recovering from illness.

Medication is given daily where necessary, with loving attention.
Looking after pets is more than a job, it's a way of life, and the personnel at Inn Good Hands are proud of their commitment to the welfare of all pets in their care.
For those who hesitate to go away because of worry about the whereabouts of your pets, relax... now they can be "Inn Good Hands".


Our grooming parlour is open from Monday to Friday, and because we appreciate our clients busy schedules, a collection and delivery service is offered at no extra cost to yourselves.

Your pet will be collected from your home before 09h00 in the morning, and will be returning to you, clean and coiffured, later that afternoon.

"The Pet Set' is situated on our premises, which means that your dog or cat can be placed inside our kennel or cattery once it has been groomed; he/she has access to the sunny outside as well as to a sheltered area inside.
Water is always available.
Bookings are necessary to avoid disappointment.

Pets Travel Service

Inn Good Hands offers a comprehensive service to all known destinations, ensuring the minimum of fuss for the pets concerned.
We prefer that your pets stay with us for a few days prior to departure.
This gives them an opportunity to settle down, and they then usually travel exceptionally well.
Pets are met by qualified personnel at all transfer points and immediately upon arrival at their destination, if the client is not able to be present himself.
Travel kennels are comfortable and spacious, with an adequate water supply and ventilation. They comply with all known regulations, and are designed for maximum comfort and safety.
Please feel free to contact us for a free quotation or for advice - your pets' well being is our first concern.

Training and Problem Solving

Inn Good Hands also offer a facility for the training of dogs, and specialises in problem solving.
Training services are available throughout the year, with the exception of Easter and Christmas Holiday period.

Veterinary Endorsed

Should your pet require medication, or treatment, whilst in our care, your personal vet shall be timorously consulted.

Housesitting Service provides peac of mind

No longer do you need to take chances when you go on holiday asking your next door neighbour to keep their eye on your place, or asking a family member, (even though you know they are too busy to look after it the way it is normally looked after)or even worse ask a friend of a friend.
Our House sitting Services offers you a service which provides a complete package of services to you, the Home Owner, when you are away from home on holiday or need to be away from your property for any lengthy period of time.
The service is aimed at professionally managing your property when you are away from home on holiday or a business trip.
The service, allows you, the Homeowner to go away knowing that everything at home is being taken care of while you are enjoying yourself.
A very special consideration is given to the care of your Pets.
Before you leave , an appointment will be set up between yourself, your pets and your house sitter, to make sure that your pets and the house sitter(s) will bond.

To make a booking for a comfortable stay please click here to contact us!

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 09H00 - 12H45  or 14H15 - 15H00

Saturday: 10H00 - 11H00

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Our “Paradise for Pampered Pets is situated on 2.7 Hectares of rolling lawns, surrounded by well kept gardens, with plenty of trees, not only for shade, but also for peace and tranquility.
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Tips for your Pets

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