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About Inn Good Hands

For the past 30 years we have owned and loved our own cats that have always lived in our home as an integral part of our family. We've also been actively involved in the training, breeding and showing of dogs since 1980. They too have always been part of our family.

We are justly proud of our business: We've been operating since 1992. Yes, that's 30 years of love, care and experience that goes into caring for your much loved pets! This is a family business that has been family-managed since day 1. Our trusted staff members started the business with us and now have 22 years of hands-on experience behind them. Their children are now at an age where they help us during the busy periods. How many businesses can honestly boast about that? And we still love it! It's our life, and we trust that it will become our children's lives too.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this day and age of computer-aided technology, is that still a fact? Website photos certainly give you an indication of what a facility is like, but there's nothing like experience and knowledge to leave you with a sense of ease, a sense of relief, a sense of knowing that your pets cannot be in better hands. Should you choose us, we hope that when asked where you've left your beloved pets whilst on that well deserved vacation, you'll reply with confidence "Don't worry, they're Inn Good Hands”!

There have been a number of new establishments opening up over the past couple of years, especially catteries, and whilst they look bright, shiny and new, we encourage all potential clients, ours or otherwise, to visit the establishment and assess them. Are they owner managed? Do the owners live on the property? Will the care-giver be able to establish if your pet is sick in good time? The best thing you can do for your pets is to ignore all the fancy gimmicks and concentrate on the actual care that your pet is going to receive.

We make no sweeping statements like "our kennel or cattery is the best in town”. We might think it, that's true! But there is no fact in that sort of statement – only you can decide on that! (Ask our existing clients, they'll also have this point of view of course!!).

We'd like to share a true story with you: one of our clients left Port Elizabeth and re-located to Durban. Once there, she planned a trip to the U.S.A. for a period of 6 months, and having been so satisfied with Inn Good Hands, she flew her 4 dogs and 1 cat to PE to stay with us for this time! Only then, she said, would she be able to enjoy her stay overseas, feeling comfortable that her pets would be well cared for. She still calls us on a regular basis to check that they are doing well, of course! But she's a great advert for the confidence that we would like our clients to feel in us.

Please feel free to visit us to view the facilities and to discuss any concerns you may have. We would like you to leave your "children” in our care, and would like you to be able to drive or fly away on your well-earned vacation or necessary business leave with a light heart, a clear head, and a comfort in your soul!
When deciding on where to leave your pets, consider this: what other owners include the welfare of all the pets in their care in their prayers last thing at night? We do!


Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Our “Paradise for Pampered Pets is situated on 2.7 Hectares of rolling lawns, surrounded by well kept gardens, with plenty of trees, not only for shade, but also for peace and tranquility.
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Tips for your Pets

Tips for your Pets

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