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House-sitting Service Provides peace of mind

A number of years ago, we noticed that the current boarding facilities in Port Elizabeth just cannot cope with the demand for the boarding service in peak times, and there was a genuine need for an efficient and reliable house-sitting service, where owners could leave their pets at home.
This sector of the business is operated by our son Devin, who is currently a 26 year old university student. Devin has been actively involved in the business since the age of 11 years and has proven to be both an asset as well as an extremely popular part of our team.

Devin charges a daily rate for this service, which consists of him visiting your home on a twice-daily basis.

  • Dogs will be walked and exercised and played with in the morning and fed if on 2-meals a day.
  • Cats have the opportunity of attention time.
  • Their water is changed and a visual health check is done.
  • The pool is checked and pot plants watered where necessary.
  • Devin returns to the house in the evening to feed the animals and again check that all is well with them (and that they have not pulled up half your garden in an effort to get even for being left at home!).
  • Should you wish for him to spend the night at the house, this can also be arranged.

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  • Who will house sit while I am away?
  • What are the responsibilities of the house sitter?
  • Who do we pay?
  • Who pays for the utility bills?
  • What happens if my house gets damaged?
  • Does INN GOOD HANDS recommend using the house sitting agreement?

Who will house sit while I am away?

ANSWER: Inn Good Hands Sitters provide professional house sitters who, are well educated, caring and responsible people.
In your absence, we will strive to ensure that your property and animals are well looked after.

What are the responsibilities of the house sitter?

ANSWER: Dependant on your specifications, Inn Good Hands Sitters, are responsible for living (should this be required) and looking after the house they are minding.
Duties may include: Security, Cleaning duties, Garden maintenance, Caring for your animal/s, Forwarding of mail and Phone messages, and anything else that the home owner and the sitter both agree on.

Who do we pay?

ANSWER: This is to be discussed with Inn Good Hands Management.
However, the homeowner may cover the house sitters utility cost (e.g. electricity, gas, phone etc).

Who pays fo the utility bills?

ANSWER: Generally the Inn Good Hands Sitter pay for what they use.
In most circumstances, the homeowner will cover all the cost incurred by the house sitter, except perhaps phone calls.

What happens if my house gets damaged?

ANSWER: A Inn Good Hands House Sitting Agreement is used to prevent any potential problems.
99% of the time, the Inn Good Hands Sitters ensure that the sitting is run professionally and smoothly.
Should, on the rare occasion, it happen that goods are damaged by the house sitter, the house sitter will cover the cost, if it was their fault.
If however, if the damage was caused due to the age of the house etc, then the homeowner will be liable to cover the costs of the repairs.

Does INN GOOD HANDS recommend using the house sitting agreement?

ANSWER: Absolutely, Yes!
As mentioned above, this will prevent potential problems.
Both parties can state the terms and expectations of the house sit and then sign it. Inn Good Hands sitters do offer a house sitting agreement and this can be changed to suit your needs.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

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