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Luxury accommodation for pets in Port Elizabeth



The exceptionally spacious kennels, designed to receive maximum benefit from the sun, have an internal sleeping area which provides complete shelter from the rain and wind.

Each unit has an internal wall ensuring that stress for the dogs is kept to a minimum. All look out onto beautiful rolling lawns and shrubs.

Our Kennel Facilities

Our Kennel Facilities:

"Bark Lane” & "Sniff Street” consist of:

  • Four blocks.
  • Each one with six large units.
  • All of which have heating facilities.
  • Each of these facilities has a two meter square under cover area.
  • With a five meter long by two meters wide outdoor run.

"Barkingham Palace” & "Mutthattan Boulevard" consist of:

"Terrier Territory" consists of:

  • Six smaller units and
  • Seven slightly larger ones.These are fully enclosed on the sides and protected with 3.5 mm welded mesh for those escape artists, and those cocky individuals who would like the opportunity to mix it with their canine neighbours.

Elderly Clients:

  • The last of our six units, under full cover, are used for our elderly clients on those rainy days.
  • This facility is also used to house those well groomed clients prior to departure.
  • By nature most dogs are territorial, and are protective of their home environment, yet
  • When on neutral territory are mostly social by nature and like most of their human family, enjoy companionship.

On Arrival:

  • All of our guests get a visual health check whilst confirming that all the necessary inoculations have been administered.
  • It is vital that no animals are admitted without proof of this having been done.
    Again, a daily visual check is carried out first thing in the morning, during the day, and again in the evening,
  • With a little treat being given on our good night and sleep tight check.


  • All of our guests are taken through to our Grooming Parlour.
  • Here they are bathed, dipped and brushed before going home.
  • Every effort is made to return them in immaculate condition.


  • All dogs are exercised daily, either on lead or left to have a free run in our fully enclosed exercise areas.
  • This provides them the opportunity to stretch their legs, relieve themselves and have a good old bark at their neighbours.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting of the kennels is carried out whilst your pets are being exercised.
  • This also helps to reduce stress.


  • Feeding of our clients is personally supervised by the staff.
  • All food and water bowls are cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Strict attention is paid to diet, both for the cats and the dogs.
  • Special diets are catered for in the case of elderly animals, or for those recently recovering from illness.
  • Medication is given daily where necessary, with loving attention.

Our Menu:

  • Our menu consists of specially formulated chunks which are imported.
  • They are used as a base for all meals, whilst chicken, fish or tripe is added to encourage eating.
  • Should your pet have a special or specific diet, or that special daily treat, we would be more than happy to facilitate your requests.
  • Our guests are especially partial to Marie biscuits!


Should any of our customers require medication, we will gladly administer as per your veterinarian's instructions.


  • Management are specialist in assessing dogs and their temperaments, and believe whole heartily in companion sharing.
  • This lessens any apprehension your dog might feel at being left in a strange environment.
  • We have found that this settles the quickly and gives them more confidence.



Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Our “Paradise for Pampered Pets is situated on 2.7 Hectares of rolling lawns, surrounded by well kept gardens, with plenty of trees, not only for shade, but also for peace and tranquility.
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Tips for your Pets

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